About us

Though big or famous organizations may think the About Us section of the site should have low priority, this information is important and accessed by many different types of users in a variety of scenarios:

  • Professionals who want to interact with business partners and investigate potential vendors 
  • Medical professionals, lawyers, and tradespeople who need quick answers about your company, products, or services
  • People who take up sports or new hobbies, discover a new genre of literature, music, or home décor, are diagnosed with a new disease, start eating a new type of food, or otherwise become interested in organizations they’ve never dealt with before
  • Journalists, influencers, and content creators who need information about your products or services
  • Individual investors who read something positive about your company or saw it pop out of a page of stock metrics 
  • Job seekers who were attracted by one of your opportunities and want to learn about the organization before applying 

When asked to describe the last time she looked up company information on a website, one user seeking a new job said, “I was being recruited and was just looking into the company as a potential one to work for. On their website, I looked at their mission, their client base, how they describe their products. I look at the vibe and feel. If you hire a high-school kid to do your site, I can tell and I don’t want to work for a company like that. The site itself is not going to sell me, but it’s a good start.” 

She went on to explain that she did this type of research primarily on a desktop computer. For the companies she was interested in, when she had a question on the go, she would access the site on her mobile device. In fact, the majority of users in our study stated that they usually try to learn about companies on desktop, rather than on mobile.

Are you a writer?

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