Many companies still hesitant to go all-in on 5G

  • 365 days ago

The deployment of 5G has been slow outside of large organisations, but a survey reveals how many others plan to get started over the next three years. By Freddie Holmes

New research has shown that real-world implementation of 5G is lagging across various industries, but organisations that have scaled 5G activities are already reaping the rewards. Many larger players in the automotive space are leading the way as smart manufacturing and connected cars accelerate the need for rapid and reliable data transfer.

The study, carried out by the Capgemini Research Institute and released in June 2021, surveyed 1,000 senior executives across multiple sectors. The aim, says Shamik Mishra, Chief Technical Officer for Connectivity at Capgemini Engineering, was to see where large industrial organisations stand with their 5G journey. The consultancy has